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Paul Ragsdale, PhD

Founder and General Partner

The Pure Driving Fund

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Andrew Gazdecki, Founder and CEO, MicroAcquire

Paul Ragsdale adapted his business plan during the height of the pandemic and identified different paths to success, ensuring that his dreams would still be on track to becoming a reality. Now, this founder is running multiple businesses that are all working towards the same goal: changing the car buying – and car driving – experience for the better.

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Dan M., Motus Client

The [Motus] team provided incredible, unbiased support in my car buying process earlier this year. They went above and beyond in helping me truly understanding what I need, which car would be the best fit, and how to get the best deal possible. Without their support, my buying experience would have been 10x more stressful! Highly recommend.

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Tim W., Motus Client

I had a wonderful experience with Paul and team. They were friendly, professional, trustworthy, and always responsive.

Following a career in science and technology, I've spent the last three years founding and operating automotive companies

I’ve seen time and time again how businesses that serve automotive enthusiasts gain a strong and lasting following. They build waiting lists, large moats - and possibly most importantly at this time, recession resistance.


I could not be more excited to transition into this new role where I’ll be able to take even more amazing ideas and companies forward than I can as a founder. And I can't wait to fund and mentor amazing founders to help translate their fantastic ideas into sustainable profit-making reality.

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